A Snapshot of AEII

Supporting quality improvements to promote young children’s learning and school readiness in Virginia’s VPI classrooms.

Our Model for Supporting School Readiness

The goal of the AEII initiative is to support quality improvements in three key areas – curricula, teacher-child interactions, and instruction – that lead to high-quality learning experiences to promote young children’s school readiness in Virginia’s VPI classrooms.

A conceptual model that highlights how teacher professional development can support better curriculum, teacher-child interactions, and instruction, leading to school readiness for young children.

Three Key Ingredients

Two hands working with blocks to put together a design.


Using effective, evidence-based curricula helps ensure that children are afforded the opportunities to develop critical school readiness skills.

A teacher looking on as a girl feels good about putting together a puzzle.

Teacher-Child Interactions

Teacher-child interactions that are effective, engaging, and supportive serve as the foundation for learning in early childhood.

Preschool teacher helping a young child build a triangle with blocks.


High-quality instruction focused on key content areas, such as early literacy and social-emotional learning, helps to ensure children are kindergarten ready. 

AEII by the Numbers


Teachers and education leaders in VPI programs received supports, tools, and resources.


VPI classrooms across the Commonwealth were served by the AEII initiative.


School divisions across Virginia received ongoing regional, local, and individual meetings, as well as training, and webinar supports.

A school leader and consultant sitting together to talk about ideas for improvement.


How AEII Works

Measuring Quality

AEII assesses the quality of teacher-child interactions, instruction, curricula, and professional development opportunities that are part of today’s VPI classrooms.

Facilitating Data Use

AEII supports education leaders in using data to understand what is happening in VPI classrooms and making data-driven decisions towards improvements.

Fostering Quality Professional Development

AEII provides ongoing consultation and instructional resources to help education leaders plan targeted and individualized professional development for their teachers.

Funded by the Virginia General Assembly, the AEII initiative is implemented by the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), in partnership with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE).