Children who have the opportunity to participate in high-quality early learning experiences are more likely to be ready for school and tend to have stronger social-emotional and academic skills. The Advancing Effective Interactions and Instruction (AEII) initiative helps Virginia early childhood leaders and teachers focus on three key ingredients – curricula, teacher-child interactions, and instruction – that we know make a difference in children’s development and learning.

children jumping during morning routine in whole group
Young girl using pointer to point at her classmates while teacher watches.

What We've Learned

Over the past few years, AEII has helped Virginia’s early childhood leaders better understand the quality of classroom interactions and instruction in preschool classrooms across the Commonwealth. 

A teacher holding a musical instrument while a young girls smiles and stands with excitement.

The Impact of High-Quality Supports

Teachers, parents, and children share why high-quality learning opportunities and professional development supports are critical to everyone’s success in the classroom.