For Supporting PD: Instructional Resources

A variety of resources to support professional development and classroom instruction


Social-Emotional Crosswalk

Learn how CASTL’s ECE Resource Hub’s social and emotional learning (SEL) topics and teaching practices are aligned with the CLASS® tool.

This crosswalk is used in AEII coaching sessions to strengthen teacher-child interactions & social and emotional teaching practices.

child holding a puzzle piece

Additional Resources

Instructional Video Library

This searchable video library includes over 100 short classroom video exemplars, as well as short in-service videos. Video clips have been carefully vetted and selected for AEII by staff from the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL).

Educational Websites

A series of educational websites have been selected by staff from the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) that contain a wealth of information and resources for various audiences, including teachers, coaches, and administrators.

Workshop Suites

The AEII professional development workshop suites are a series of one-hour learning modules focused on topics like self-regulation, early mathematics, and fostering friendship skills in young children. All of the resources associated with these modules, including video, files, and presentation materials, have been reviewed for accessibility using the WCAG developed by the W3C

PD Resource Library

Included in this professional development library are a variety of resources, such as articles, online learning, web pages, and documents. Search for a specific topic by category or keyword.


The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has developed a range of webinars focused on the topics of classroom observation, providing feedback, and planning effective professional development.