Supporting Professional Development

AEII provides instructional resources and ongoing support to help early childhood leaders offer high-quality professional development (PD).

Two teachers reviewing PD supports together.

Once leaders have an opportunity to review classroom observation data and identify potential PD needs, a key next step is finding resources and opportunities that give teachers opportunities to gain useful skills, as well as practice applying those skills in the classroom. AEII supports the implementation of teacher professional development (PD) that promotes children’s learning and development of key school readiness skills.

One of the goals of AEII is to support leadership to provide professional development opportunities that are best suited for their teachers and aligned with elements of effective PD. Preschool programs in Virginia are responsible for selecting and delivering professional development for their early childhood educators that meet the following criteria:

  • Data-driven
  • Specific articulated objectives
  • Practice-focused
  • Feedback and analysis loops
  • Coherence
  • Access for all

See how AEII uses these criteria to measure quality PD experiences.


How Does AEII Support Effective PD

Understanding Needs and Barriers

Educational consultants at the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) and the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) work together to better understand the PD needs of early childhood programs, as well as barriers that may stand in the way of implementation.

Ongoing Consultation and Training

Support comes in the form of regional trainings for leaders, focused webinars, small group consultation opportunities, and individualized consultation sessions.

Reliable and Rich Resources

AEII provides instructional resources that focus on a range of key classroom topics, from supporting children’s social and emotional skills to fostering their critical thinking. These resources have been carefully vetted and organized by educational experts at CASTL.

Instructional Resources

These resources are freely available for use and have been carefully vetted and organized by educational experts at CASTL and VDOE.
Preschool teacher helping a young child build a triangle with blocks.

Video Library

A searchable video library with over 100 short exemplars

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Educational websites that cover a range of preschool topics

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Five one-hour workshop suites ready for you to download and use

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Resource Library

A searchable library of educational resources

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A series of educational webinars available to join or review

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